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Barking Green Music Limited is an independent music publisher, started in the 1990’s by Peter Stretton.

Peter started in the music business in the 1970’s from leaving school and finding a job at the Performing Right Society in London. Later he transferred himself to SAMRO in South Africa and later to STIM in Sweden. After several years working with the Societies he went on to run the International Copyright divisions within Artemis in Holland and Chappell/Intersong in the UK. When Warners bought the company Peter left to work with Dick Leahy, running all aspects of the company for him.


Barking Green Music represents a very eclectic taste in music, including jazz, both traditional and modern, folk, ambient, instrumental, rap, pop, rock, electronica and world music. In the catalogue are works by writers such as Larry Coryell, Ben Verdery, Roger Kellaway, K. Lawrence Dunham, Caitlin Grey, Neil Harvey, Chris Green, the Fratelli Brothers, George Taylor (Noh 1), Richard Heacock, Neill Maccoll, Tim Story, Roedelius, Don Sebesky, Lawry Tilbury and Birdengine, Simon James, Mark Murphy, Leigh Guest, Ola Belle Reed, Roswell Rudd and Artie Traum. The company also represents various catalogues such as Music Sounds Better Ltd, Della Music and its’ associates, Helene Blue Musique and its associates and from Holland, World Connection BV.


Barking Green Music Ltd is represented worldwide.

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