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Into the Rainbow by Kymaera

Into the Rainbow by Kymaera

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Album: Into the Rainbow

Artist: Kymaera

Genre: Jazz

Release Year: 2006


Track Listing: 1). Desert Rose 2). Rosina 3). Dream of Fair Women 4). Into the Rainbow 5). Little Bercheress 6). Starjive 7). Last Summer's Song 8). Heart's In Chains 9). For the Moment 10). Folly's End 11). So If? 12). Vicki  13). The Last Resort


A lovely tribute to the late visionary/founding member of the UK Smooth Jazz sensation Acoustic Alchemy. Kymaera is comprised of Webb’s original partner, Alchemy co-founder Simon James, along with guitarist Shane Hill and a handful of highly accomplished British musicians including bassist Dave Markee, percussionist Michele Drees, trumpet and flugelhorn player Dick Pearce and saxophonist Dave O’Higgins. The group has been recording since 1997 and has released five albums to date with INTO THE RAINBOW marking the ensemble’s U.S. debut on Sheridan Square Records. Nick Webb was a fantastic songwriter and had an incredible knack for melody. Alchemy fans will enjoy this tribute, as there are some wonderful pieces that Webb was able to contribute to prior to his passing in 1998, such as the project’s title track and earlier tunes that he co-wrote with James during their collaboration. In addition, Nick Webb’s long time writing partner and current AA band leader Greg Carmichael guests on INTO THE RAINBOW, while two of his contributions are included (the Carmichael/James offering “Desert Rose” as well as the Webb/Carmichael classic “Hearts In Chains”). Plus, you’ll discover several outstanding Kymaera originals, such as the Latin-tinged “Rosina,” and the smooth and inviting “The Last Resort.” It’s not surprising that Simon’s Kymaera is cut from a similar cloth as Webb’s Alchemy in that a melodic, soulful guitar is front and center.
INTO THE RAINBOW is a beautiful dedication from one guitar player to another.

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