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 Introducing... Tim May

Say hello to our newest writer and member of the Barking Green family, Tim May!
Here is the new album from the genius musician! 30LBS Of Air is out now everywhere and you may even catch it on the radio too...
"A textured blend of lashing post-punk and pure pop mastery, “Nothing” is an intoxicating call-and-response number that’s as driving as it is elegant. Filled with fiery resolve, “Nothing” is a rousing reminder to trust ourselves and to walk through the world, no matter how brutal it can be, with our heads held high." - Stereo Embers


Whether you have a specific song in mind, or you need pointing in the right direction, Barking Green Music can handle all your music licensing wants and needs.

Barking Green Music is like that really great shoe store which has exactly what you need, only in this case it's your ears and not your feet that are in heaven. And I love that this isn't just a business for them, it's a passion. Their vast collection of music is a testament to how much they believe in what they do and those are the types of people I want to continue to deal with. Barking Green Music rocks. Literally. - Charlie Teljeur, Director and Co-host of Highways To Fairways

Thank you all for being so amazing! - Andrea Gibson, Independent Film Director and Screenwriter

If you're looking for some amazing artists, be sure to reach out to Barking Green Music. Awesome to work with! - MadKodey Films



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