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We don't waste time with sync, we know the value of your time and we know the value of our music. If you know the song you need, please get in touch and our fantastic licensing team will be sure to get back to you at their earliest opportunity. If you need some inspiration, let us introduce you to our writers here!
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Far From the Madding Crowd.jpg

Time To Jack by Chip E was used on the Channel 4 documentary;

I Was There When House Took Over

4 songs off the album, Haste to the Dance by the Warleggan Village Band were used in Seasons 1 and 2 of the BBC Drama: Poldark

The great Larry Coryell had a hand in advertising Miller Lite Beer with this track

Episode 3 of the BBC Four series 'Art of France' features tracks from Richard Heacock's album Mindfull. Below is an extract featuring Richard's ambience building music. To watch the full episode click here.

Dude Perfect.jpg

Kate St John and Neill Maccoll uniquely composed music for the award-winning film: My Cousin Rachel

Let No Man Steal Your Thyme, among other tracks, were arranged by Kate St John and Neill Maccoll for the British Drama Film:

Far From the Madding Crowd

Chaje Shukarike by Esma Redzepova was used in Sacha Baron Cohen's outrageous comedy film:


Pissing In The Driveway by White Fang was used in the MTV show; Ridiculousness. The episode featured YouTube sensations; Dude Perfect!

A scene from The Suit by Cathy Marston, performed by Ballet Black.

Ballet Black is a professional ballet company whose aim is to bring ballet to a more culturally diverse audience by celebrating black and Asian dancers in ballet.
Their latest ballet, The Suit, features one of our most popular songs, Mini Skirt by Juan Garcia Esquivel!




Renault Chair Rider campaign directed by Marcelo Burgos

Renault tease us with their new concept car as Mini Skirt plays in the background adding a subtle quirkiness to this charming advert!
Huge credit goes to Frederic Shindler at Too Young Music Ltd who's creative vision led him to choose this classic Juan Garcia Esquivel song to soundtrack this ad.

Songwriting duo Caitlin Grey and Neil Harvey have been busy with their film placements of late, here are just two of their successful spots!

Singapore on film.jpg

George Taylor, aka NOH 1, was commissioned to compose the soundtrack for 'Singapore On Film.' This fascinating documentary explores the earliest footage of Singapore dating all the way back to the 1900s! You can find out more by clicking the picture below.

The legendary Link Wray's track Slinky was recently featured on the hit comedy series Sex Education.

Another awesome offering from Link Wray was used in the BBC thriller series The Outlaws.

Disney's comedy-drama series The Bear licensed one of Roedelius' wonderful works.  

Just to name a few...
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