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Birdengine is the musical project of Lawry Joseph Tilbury, whose unique music has been described by The Independent as 'beautiful, backwards weirdness' and by WARP Records as “an unknown supernatural force".

Tilbury regards his style as being more akin to that of outsider music, stating that "Lyrically, my music engages with the idea of not belonging to society and the senses of alienation that accompany feeling as though you are an outsider." He has often responded to the label of folk musician by citing the famous Louis Armstrong quote; '"All music is folk music, I ain't never heard no horse sing a song"'.

Birdengine's live performances have been described as "both unnerving and intriguing in equal measures", having "strange and compelling beauty" and a "bizzare, yet deeply likeable tone".

The Crooked Mile by Birdengine >> BUY! >>

 ‘The Crooked Mile’ is a gloriously anachronistic treat for all us freaks, oddballs and depressives, as much redolent of a great Victorian ghost story as any singer-songwriters doing the rounds today. This record comes much recommended for anyone with patience and a willingness to explore some lesser-travelled musical landscapes – it’s not easy to get into by any means but given enough time and concentration, you’ll be amply rewarded. Just make sure you don’t play this too soon before your bedtime, or you’re bound for some pretty ‘interesting’ dreams…' 

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