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caitlin grey & neil harvey

Caitlin Grey is a mezzo-soprano singer/songwriter in the Celtic tradition. Privately trained in classical music from an early age, Caitlin’s voice is an exquisite combination of beauty and power with a dramatic range which she has honed in many different musical genres throughout her career. Caitlin’s vocal repertoire is impressive, ranging from classical to traditional folk and pop, and heavily influenced by the Celtic tradition. With strong family roots from Ireland and Wales, the melodies and themes of Caitlin’s music conjure up the dramatic landscapes and wild coastlines of her ancestral homelands, as well as the richness of her Celtic heritage.

No Time To Die - Caitlin Grey

The Promise - Caitlin's Latest Album

Following the debut album Siren's Song, which won Caitlin the 'Best Celtic Artist' award at the Ladylake Independent Music Awards 2013, comes The Promise.  To buy Caitlin Grey's latest album, click on the image! It's stunning and well worth adding to any collection.

Who Is Neil Harvey?

Neil is very much the 'engine room' behind the sound of Caitlin Grey. His ability to compose exquisite melodies enhances and augments Caitlin's voice and style. Neil began working with Caitlin when she joined his band as a teenager and they have worked together, off and on, ever since.

Born in Liverpool with Irish in his blood, Neil Harvey is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, engineer. Neil has released several instrumental albums and his soundtrack compositions are playing everywhere in the world, from Channel 4 to Sri-Lankan Airlines. Past credits include songs & soundtracks for Pinewood Studios based animation company, Animotion Ltd, Interprom Films, Channel 4's 10 minute short series, Canary Wharf Docklands Development Trust, London Tourist Board, Tip Top Think Tank Ltd and Toxteth TV.


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