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Della Music Publishing

Deborah Evans began working in the music publishing business in 1998 for Beebe Bourne at Bourne Co.(“Me and My Shadow,” “Here’s That Rainy Day,” “Unforgettable,” “When You Wish Upon a Star.”) She later joined The Harry Fox Agency, working in both the synchronization and the mechanical licensing departments. In 2002, she moved to Helene Blue Musique Ltd as Director of Copyright and Licensing. Deborah later became Director of Publishing for Stray Dog Music.

As of August 2007, she is an independent music publisher under the name Della Music Publishing LLC, representing artists and songwriters mainly in the hip-hop genre.

In 2009, Deborah Mannis-Gardner and DMG Clearances came into her life and since then, the fascinating and challenging world of clearing music for synchronization and syndication became incorporated into her workday.

Top Tracks From Della

Barking Green Representation: UK & Eire

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