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EN2 may read like a perplexing maths question being sat for a university degree final exam, but it is the simplicity of passion times honest feelings in which the answer lays. Stunning and complete, Erica Nockalls eclipses all. - Liverpool Sound and Vision

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Erica Nockalls

Erica Nockalls is an English violinist, vocalist, songwriter and visual artist. She is best known as violinist in The Wonder Stuff, as one half of acoustic duo Miles Hunt And Erica Nockalls, and as live fiddle player for The Proclaimers. Erica is also one half of the alt-electro project Dutch Head, along with producer NOH1. Nockalls is lead vocalist, violinist and guitarist in her art-rock band, Erica Nockalls. Her latest album, EN2 (2014) is the second solo studio album released under her own moniker and comprises of 11 original songs written, recorded, produced, mixed and released by Nockalls. In January 2014 she had set herself the task of producing that album and self-releasing it within the one year. EN2 was funded entirely by sales of her artwork and album pre-sales through her website. 

EN2 by Erica Nockalls
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