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Songs About Fishing by Big Fish Radio

Songs About Fishing by Big Fish Radio


Artist: Big Fish Radio

Album: Songs About Fishing

Release Year: 2006

Genre: Country


Experienced songwriters Atrie Traum, Chris Shaw and Tom Akstens come together to make this fun album all about the joys of fishing.


Track Listing:

1: I'm a Goin' Fishin' 2: Big Old Trout 3: Fishin's Just a Waste of Time 4: Fishin' Blues 5: The Yellow Mailbox 6: Dumb Luck 7: Ain't No Sure Thing 8: On the Esopus 9: Walter 10: Hook and Line 11: My Old Cane Pole 12: Crawdad 13: Gone Fishin' Today 14: Leave This World Behind

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