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The Crooked Mile by Birdengine

The Crooked Mile by Birdengine


Album: The Crooked Mile

Artist: Birdengine

Genre: Folk, Experimental, Freak Folk

Release Year: 2011


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Blessed with a strangely soothing bass-baritone voice, this debut might well come under the ‘freak folktronica’ if that’s the label you want to bandy about. Personally, it’s just great to hear a record that’s acoustic fight off cliché and produce something that genuinely stands alone. 
Get your hands on a copy of this album. Because I won’t be letting go of my copy. And you won’t want to lose your copy either, if you have any sense.'  - 'Is This Music?' Magazine


Lawry's baritone voice is unique and the perfect companion to the weirdly tuned quasi-spanish guitar. I'd be remiss to not mention the lyrics - they invoke laughter and loneliness in equal measures. This album gets under my skin in a way few have been able to. - Dirk Funk


Track Listsing

1). Phantom Limb 2). I, Dancing Bear 3). No Arms And No Friends 4). And Accidents Fell From The Sky 5). Ghost Club 6). Scarecrow And The Longpig 7). Music At Court 8). The Experiments Of Dr. Sarconi 9). Hoof 10). Make Happy

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