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Richard heacock

Richard has composed for UK and US TV for over 15 years. Clients include BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic, WGBH Boston and Nova. Richard also arranged and recorded the traditional dance tunes for the BBC series Poldark and appears as an on-screen musician.

A list of other BBC shows Richard has written music for:

1998 Horizon: Born to be Fat (BBC 2)
1998 Omnibus: Rebuilding the Reichstag (BBC 2)
1999 Freedom's Battle (BBC 2)
2000 Arena: Kurosawa (BBC 2)
2001 Tales from Pleasure Beach (BBC 2)
2002 The Bonzos (BBC 4)
2002 Arena: Imagine (BBC 2)
2003 Timewatch: Britain's Greatest Hoax (BBC 2)
2004 Now You're Talking (BBC 1)
2004 Seven Wonders of the Industrial World: The Great Ship & The Bell Rock (BBC2)
2005 A Year at Kew (series 1&2) (BBC 2)
2007 Timeshift: Digging the Past (BBC 4)
2008 Wonderland: The Woman Who Bought a School for her Son (BBC2)
2013 Don't Panic: The Truth About Population (BBC 2)

Listen to Richard's music here:

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